Hi, my name is Nik Kamz and welcome to my view of paradise in the Dominican Republic.

I am passionate about enjoying a good life and aspire to relax on a white sandy beach amongst lush palm trees and take the occasional swim in the warm turquoise sea that laps the Dominican Republic’s coast.Cayo Laventado

Of course the sky is always blue and the sun hot. Delicious fruit punch is the order of the day made with Dominican Republic home grown fruit!

The Dominican Republic offers this all year round and much more!

The Dominican Republic, a practical reality

In real terms flights have become much more affordable and people’s disposable income has also grown. It’s not unusual to take a short vacation in the tropics during the long dreary winter months. The Dominican Republic is one of those destinations.

Some of us have even bought a second home in the Dominican Republic principally because we love it. It is also a great investment. The tropics mean guaranteed warm temperatures with an abundance of sun all year.

Among a long list of reasons why are the friendly local people, negligible taxation, the pristine beaches, warm turquoise waters, a low cost of living and it’s a democratic country! With the Dominican Republic, the list just goes on.

Why a blog about the Dominican Republic?

You might have guessed. It’s my passion!

A few years ago I made my first visit to the island of Hispaniola which is also known as the Dominican Republic.Rincon_Samana

I was amazed by the bio-diversity of the island, the real friendliness of the people and the affordable cost of living. What really stunned me was the exceptionally reasonable cost of land and housing in a wonderful tropical setting like the Dominican Republic.

I fell so much in love with the Dominican Republic that I have made it my second home and visit every year with the eventual aim of retiring on the island at some point in the future!!

I have created this blog about the Dominican Republic so that I can share my knowledge and experiences of this magnificent island with you, just in case you want to share this little paradise with me!!

Information on the Dominican Republic

When I first travelled to the Dominican republic in the Caribbean, I was a bit naïve and really could have done with a guide to help me make the best choices once I got there! This is my attempt to provide the guidance needed.

A guide to the Caribbean dream!

This guide provides information on everything from the Dominican Republic way of life to ground level details on the resorts in Bavaro, Romana, Punta Cana, Sosua, Puerto Plata, Santa Domingo, Samana, Santiago and many others. Malaria prevention, immunisation & vaccinations, Visa requirements  and departure tax  details are also provided.

Where the best all inclusive holiday deals in the Dominican Republic are and remember that they are available all year round.Sunrise_Puerto Plata

Other information will include daily reports on the weather in the Dominican Republic, flight availability and where the best beaches can be found.

Find out what you can do and where in the Dominican Republic before you get there so you don’t waste valuable vacation time.

The information is here! The best beaches, national parks, trekking, whale watching, travelling within the island  and of course excursions to explore the splendour of this magnificent island!!

Hope to see you there, my bit of paradise in the Dominican Republic!

Kind regards

Nik Kamz

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